Why I created my own “to-do list” app

To-do lists. Simplified

So what was I looking for in a to-do list app?

Simple — something that would

  • Let me RECORD my tasks & GROUP them into categories (that I can customize)
  • Allow me to SORT & FILTER tasks by categories or tags
  • Let me ACCESS my Outlook account & IMPORT emails from my inbox so I don't forget to respond to emails.
  • Let me CREATE LISTS that I can SHARE with another person (BURNING NEED: Sharing a ‘Grocery list’ with my wife, and adding items to it as we recall stuff we’ve run out of. Whoever goes to the store, deletes the items they buy from the shared list so we don't double up on items. )
  • Send me PERIODIC REMINDERS of the stuff that I need to get done

That’s it. Oh, and I wanted something that is FREE and is EASY to get started with.

So I created Taskwillow - and it does these few things I mention above really well. Nothing more and nothing less.

Full disclosure: Taskwillow is a web app, that is responsive. No iOS or Android app just yet.

If you have been looking for a todo-list app that is simple, easy to use, FREE and is not full of complicated features — feel free to use Taskwillow.

Written by

Building Taskwillow. Notes about building things and selling them. Sometimes other stuff too. I am on Twitter @chakrvyuh.

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