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Part-1 is about my journey with code for anyone that is interested

Part -2 will be about the key technologies that one should know to build web applications.

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Computing in School

The year was 1995, and my school had a newly constructed, and much talked about computer lab. All the kids looked forward to visiting the lab once every week. We would queue up, one kid behind another and begin marching towards the computer lab with much anticipation — What might we learn today?

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something like this one, but darker and cooler

MATLAB in Engineering school

But in 2003, into my 3rd-year of Electrical Engineering course work and specifically for the Digital Signal Processing Lab work one had to code on this super powerful tool called “MATLAB”. I have no memory of the actual code that we wrote — except we’d write some stuff into MATLAB terminal and it would then generate amazing 3d plots of some functions that I have no memory of either.

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this is what the MATLAB output looked like

Joining a ‘Software Company’ with no little to no “real” coding experience

As I said, I was trained in Electrical Engineering, but for some reason, I ended up joining a software company in India. But why would they hire me? I had little to no coding experience to speak of. I could build nothing.

Learning to Code is like learning to ride a bicycle 🚲

You start with one goal in mind and that is to successfully ride that bicycle without falling. You may know all about the physics of classical mechanics and gyroscopic effects but that wouldn't help you learn to ride.

Technology changes quick — learn constantly

Even the best of the best coders and software developers are constantly playing catch up with new technologies and coding styles. So how is it that coders learn new technologies so quickly?

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